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Understanding the Mirrorless Transition

Not everyone is infatuated with the granular technical aspects of new imaging tools, or the complex set of considerations big companies make in bringing new equipment to market. But for those that are, we seem to be at one of … Continue reading

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More Announcements

The announcements of new photo tools prior to Photokina are coming fast now. Here are links to a few. The Canon R full-frame mirrorless system. Highly anticipated and a bit earlier than some thought might happen, Canon is opening with … Continue reading

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Mirrorless Close to Mainstream

With the announcement of Nikon’s full-frame Z 6 and Z 7 mirrorless bodies, we’re getting very close to having all the major players fully engaged. Canon will bring their own full-frame model in the coming months to complete the process. … Continue reading

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Photokina 2018

Photokina in Germany has been the international showcase for state of the art imaging products since 1950. In 1966 the trade fair established a biennial schedule, but that will change next year when it will become an annual event happening … Continue reading

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Harvest Time

Small creatures are working hard this time of year to gather enough material to get them through the winter that’s right around the corner. Days are rapidly getting shorter and pikas and Arctic ground squirrels aren’t wasting any time collecting … Continue reading

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The blooming of summer continues in full swing with wild geraniums at their peak, along with larkspur, chiming bells, and many others.  Fireweed has begun to add its bright magenta hue as well.  It’s all part of the rush to … Continue reading

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Another New NEC Monitor

There’s a new professional-level color critical monitor coming soon—the NEC MultiSync PA271Q. It’s been available in Europe for a short while and is listed on B&H for preorder. NEC is one of the most respected and recommended monitor brands among … Continue reading

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The Colors of Spring

One of the most ubiquitous signs of spring in Southcentral Alaska is the blooming of wild roses. These delightful pink blossoms seems to show up everywhere. There are two species—prickly roses and Nootka roses—the former being the most common. Both … Continue reading

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New (updated) Lenses

One of the mainstays in any collection of 35mm format lenses is the 70-200mm zoom. Decades ago zoom lenses weren’t considered as high-quality as primes at the same focal length, but optical improvements and undeniable convenience have won the day … Continue reading

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Spring Transition

The change from winter to that truncated season in the far north which is kind of all lumped together as spring/summer/early-autumn comes late, but it’s happening now. The brown and gray landscape is rapidly changing to one highlighted by bright … Continue reading

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