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The Colors of Spring

One of the most ubiquitous signs of spring in Southcentral Alaska is the blooming of wild roses. These delightful pink blossoms seems to show up everywhere. There are two species—prickly roses and Nootka roses—the former being the most common. Both … Continue reading

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Avian Winter Residents

Not all birds migrate. Among the winter residents in Southcentral Alaska are black-capped chickadees and red-breasted nuthatches seen visiting a peanut butter feeder above.  Boreal chickadees, and both hairy and downy woodpeckers also stop by regularly.

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More Evidence of Spring

More evidence of an exceptionally early spring here in Southcentral Alaska.  These bright new Northern Red Currant leaves accompanied by blossoms usually show weeks later.  Birch, cottonwood, alder, and many other trees and shrubs are bursting with new leaves as … Continue reading

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Early Signs of Spring

Pussy willows are always among the first signs of emerging plant life toward the end of winter in Southcentral Alaska, but this year’s exceedingly mild season seems to have accelerated the process.  These catkins along Turnagain Arm in mid-February are but a few among … Continue reading

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Colors of Autumn

Fall colors in Southcentral Alaska often don’t last long.  Predominantly yellow with some orange and crimson hues, the challenge is always the weather.  Mid-September is peak time for color, and is also often when storms roll through with rain and … Continue reading

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Harvest Time

Summers are short and autumn comes early in Alaska.  Fall colors are already evident in many areas, and small creatures—like the Collared Pika below—are working diligently to lay up stores for the winter.  It’s a busy time between now and … Continue reading

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Fall Migration

For the last 4-5 weeks swans have been migrating south and stopping for food and rest at Potter Marsh in Anchorage. These large white birds—both Trumpeters and Tundras—stay only a short while before continuing their journey toward temperate wintering grounds. … Continue reading

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Short Seasons

Summers in Alaska hardly seem to have fully developed before signs of autumn appear, like these brightly colored devil’s club leaves in the middle of July along the eastern edge of Cook Inlet. Best to enjoy as much as possible … Continue reading

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Summer is Here!

When the winter season in the far north really passes, the transformation is incredible. Among the first signs of late spring/early summer are the wild rose blossoms whose delicate pick petals seem to show up everywhere. They don’t last long, … Continue reading

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Regardless of the calendar, it’s winter in Alaska.  With several inches of snow on the ground and temperatures dipping below zero in Anchorage, the use of heavy coats and studded tires is in full swing.  While the days are getting … Continue reading

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