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Card Readers

One of the mundane but crucial elements of digital workflow is the storage and transfer of image captures from camera to computer. Anything that speeds that up improves efficiency and effectiveness. As memory card types and protocols advance, so do … Continue reading

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Lexar Resurrected

A few days ago the Lexar trademark and branding rights were acquired by Chinese company Longsys.  Time will tell how the transition works out for this long-respected line of memory cards and storage products.

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Industry Changes

Some sorting out is going on. In late June, Micron Technology–parent company of Lexar, long-time maker of high quality memory cards and flash drives–announced that they would be discontinuing the Lexar brand and its entire removable storage retail business.  If … Continue reading

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Portable Storage

Outdoor photographers create image files that have to be saved somewhere.  Protecting those files—in the field, while being processed, and in archive—is a critical part of the extended management necessary to maximize and make one’s efforts worthwhile.  In some respects … Continue reading

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CES 2016

Every year about this time the Consumer Electronics Show provides an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their stuff.  One of the big announcements this week has been from Nikon. Faithful Nikonians have been waiting for an update to the very … Continue reading

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Memory Cards and Image Files

Sometimes speed matters, and the type of memory card you use to record digital images can make a big difference.  Considerations depend of course on your shooting style and your equipment.  Those focused on landscapes and close-ups probably are less … Continue reading

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Memory Cards

Most digital cameras use removable memory cards to temporarily store the images you record with them.  There have been a number of sizes and types, the most popular in the last several years being CompactFlash (CF— both Type I and … Continue reading

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