Understanding the Mirrorless Transition

Not everyone is infatuated with the granular technical aspects of new imaging tools, or the complex set of considerations big companies make in bringing new equipment to market. But for those that are, we seem to be at one of those inflection points of major change that will set the course for some time to come.

The rumble at the moment is full frame mirrorless. The big three—Canon, Nikon, and Sony—are now all present, though Sony has a big head start. Assessing how current offerings from all three compare and how this will influence future purchaser’s choices are hot topics at the moment. Three articles in particular provide considerable insight.

Roger Cicala of Lensrentals offers his opinions here.

DPReview assesses not only Canon and Nikon’s latest offerings, but looks at the whole mirrorless field here.

Thom Hogan compares full frame systems from the big three and offers insights on system expansion and market penetration here.

Lots of considerations and more choices than ever before, though DSLRs are by no means “dead.” Lots of great images from the “old” tools will continue to be made for years to come.

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