What’s Happening

Lot’s of things going on that have potential consequence for photographers on both ends of the workflow.

One is the inexorable push toward video.  4K is all the rage.  New high-rez monitors and laptop displays are popping up everywhere.  Panasonic has just announced the Lumix GH4 with 4K capability (and a few upgrades that may make still shooters happy too).

Medium format has gotten a shot in the arm with the announcement of a new Sony 50 megapixel CMOS sensor showing up in three forms—a new Hasselblad, a Phase One back, and a Pentax 645G 2014.  CMOS makes Live View possible, and though this sensor is less than medium format “full frame,” it’s creating a lot of excitement for those who may be able to afford the stratospheric cost of entry.

Sigma continues to expand their line of very high-end “Art” lenses, the latest being the 50mm f/1.4 for full frame bodies.  Reviews of the earlier 35mm lens in this line have been very favorable.

On the post-processing end, Sony has decided to get out of the PC computer business and has sold their VAIO brand to a Japanese investor group.

If you’re interested in general trends in the camera and photography market, one good source is the collection of sites by Thom Hogan.  It’s a constantly evolving landscape.

And remember, this is a Photokina year—that huge event in Germany in the fall—so there’s much more to come.

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