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Sensor Race

A few days ago Nikon announced a minor upgrade to their highly-regarded D800, to be called the D810. Pixel count stays the same (36.3MP), though the anti-aliasing filter has been removed entirely and there will only be one model instead … Continue reading

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Real, and Maybe Real

Real. Some things we know are going to happen—like the next iteration of Adobe Photoshop.  This comes around every couple of years or so and there’s always a lot of grumbling… some at the cost of upgrades, and some at … Continue reading

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Even More Megapixels

Think the quest for more photosites on a sensor is over yet?  Not quite.  While many are still waiting to see just how well 36 megapixels work in Nikon’s new D800, Nokia has just announced a smartphone with a 41MP … Continue reading

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More Megapixels

By now no doubt at least some of you have taken the time to familiarize yourself with details of Nikon’s new D800 which offers the highest megapixel count of any 35mm format DSLR so far, and the resultant web chatter … Continue reading

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Rationalizing Megapixels

It’s been slow coming, but we’re beginning to see some serious indications that sensor megapixel count alone is no longer the most important marketing factor for camera makers.  To be fair, some manufacturers—like Nikon—have in many cases opted for lower … Continue reading

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