SSD Upgrade

Most have known for a long time that solid state drives can save time and improve efficiency in a digital workflow, and the cost per megabyte has come way down from just a short while ago.  Now, a new storage option is coming available that could speed up image processing for those with seriously large image collections, Samsung’s 850 EVO in 4TB.  The basic form has not changed (2.5” case, SATA interface), but the capacity has doubled from the previous largest 2TB model.  The 4TB model certainly won’t be cheap—just under $1,499 retail—which works out to about 38 cents/GB which is pretty respectable comparatively.  With sequential read/write throughput of 540MB/s / 520MB/s, that could offer a big efficiency boost as a work drive in a lot of systems.  Another interesting option if the budget allows.

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