Pocket Camera

Ricoh_GR_3There are times when it’s simply not practical to carry a full-sized DSLR plus one or more lenses, but you still want the ability to record quality images—hence the quest for the high-grade pocket camera. Pockets vary in size, as do small cameras (including cell phones), and features and capability are all over the map. My current pocket camera of choice is the Ricoh GR. It certainly is not a perfect solution for all situations, but it has a very capable APS-C sized sensor and a matched 28mm-equivalent single focal-length lens that produces excellent results. Most who have used the camera enjoy the straight forward, photographer-centric buttons, dials, and menus, and find its close-focus capability (3.9” in macro mode) very useful. No glamor here; just a compact camera with emphasis on image quality versus a multiplicity of features—what I would call a positive trade-off.


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