Photokina 2018

Photokina in Germany has been the international showcase for state of the art imaging products since 1950. In 1966 the trade fair established a biennial schedule, but that will change next year when it will become an annual event happening in May instead of September. In addition, the managers intend to expand coverage beyond its tradition emphasis on cameras and photography. Photokina 2018 is next month—September 26-29.

The run-up to the event is usually filled with hint, pre-announcements, or even formal announcements of new product, and this year is no exception. Nikon is in full swing with their series of teasers regarding their upcoming full frame mirrorless camera, and Sony is claiming market leadership with their “Be Alpha” campaign. Most manufacturers are sure to bring their best efforts, though at least one (Olympus) has stated they will not have a classic stand at this year’s event.

So the next six weeks will be full of photo news, though more is sure to come after the show and before the end of the year. Of special interest will be Canon’s answer to full frame mirrorless. Apparently they are choosing to let Nikon take the limelight for the moment, and make their entrance after the dust has settled a bit. A host of dedicated Canon users are anxious to see what they’ll bring, especially how they will address access to the huge number of highly-regarded EF lenses in personal inventories. Of course technology marches on, and sometimes it’s prudent to make a big step toward the future as Canon did in 1989 with the original EF mount. We should know much more within the next six months.

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