Niche Products

Now and then an individual has a particular need in a camera specification that trumps all others and leads to a choice of make and model that might not suit all situations.  A good example might be Canon’s PowerShot SX50 HS.

This is one more in a long line of “superzooms” based on a small sensor with modest megapixels (12.1) and a fixed (non-interchangeable) high-ratio zoom lens.  What makes it really stand out is the maximum zoom equivalent of 1200mm!  That’s more reach than any other camera in its class

Who might benefit from such a long zoom?  Birders would certainly be one category, especially when simple documentation of a siting is really important.  It goes without saying that steady support will be required when using the maximum focal length to get anything like sharp pictures, but the ability to reach out that far with a fairly small, portable package is pretty astounding.

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