New Zoom

Canon has (finally) officially announced their new EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4X zoom lens.  Hardly a secret, info has been floating around since February 2011 and the big questions have been when and how much.  Now you can pre-order it for a mere $11,799.

Nikon has had a 200-400/4 lens in their lineup for a long time which has been immensely popular with nature photographers.  The addition of the 1.4X extender in the new Canon model adds considerable versatility; it also adds weight and cost.  Physically the 200-400 is nearly as large as the EF 500/4 II, and weighs nearly a pound more, which will make it a challenge to hand-hold for any length of time.  And the very high price will be a big stumbling block for many.  I’m confident coming reviews of production lenses will demonstrate excellent optical capability, and it will likely be hard to find for several months, so if this is a tool you really need for your arsenal it’s time to make a deposit and get in line.

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