DxOMark Explained

While the print (or other display medium) is the rightful end product of our imaging efforts and deserves the emphasis of most of our artistic energies, tools help us accomplish that objective.  Without decent craft there’s much less chance of producing fine art.  And some of us maintain a certain appreciation for high quality tools themselves.  Whatever your bent, having some technical knowledge can help one make better choices.

With that in mind, Michael Reichmann has published a very informative article by Peter van den Hamer on the Luminous Landscape website that undertakes an analysis of DxOMark’s Camera Sensor benchmarks.  Warning:  if you’re squeamish about technical stuff don’t go here…the article is very long and involved.  But there’s some pretty interesting info too, not the least of which is the reminder that these sensor benchmarks relate only to noise-related image quality; resolution and lens sharpness are another matter entirely and are covered elsewhere.

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