Camera Bags

“One size does not fit all” applies to a great many things…certainly camera bags.  What you use to temporarily stow your photo gear while moving from one location to another can have a huge impact on your efficiency and effectiveness.  There is no one perfect camera bag, nor one best camera bag manufacturer, though there are plenty vying for your loyalty and dollars

In 2008 a new bag maker entered the market—Gura Gear.  With interesting, practical designs and very light-weight/strong materials the bags quickly became very hot items.  I bought a Kiboko 30L and it’s still one of my best bags, and the company’s models and popularity proliferated since then.  Now that’s all changed.  In January 2014 long-time bag maker Tamrac filed for bankruptcy; in June of that year Gura Gear purchased the Tamrac brand and all its assets.  Today this email announces the merging of the two companies into the “new TAMRAC.”  Two of the most popular Gura Gear bags, the Bataflae and Kiboko, will transform into the TAMRAC G-ELITE line.

Time will tell how successful this transition becomes.  Hopefully the outstanding Gura Gear DNA won’t be diluted and evaporate as so often happens with major expansions.  For those who’d like to give it a shot right away there’s a 15% discount on the G-ELITE bags until November 20.

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