Bridging the Gap


Storage is undergoing a rapid evolution with solid state options increasing in size while new protocols offer quantum increases in speed with the newest interfaces, but sometimes you can’t get it all in one package.  If your computer (laptop or desktop) is more than three or four months old, chances are your internal storage connections and BIOS only allow for the older SATA 3.0 (6Gbps) interface and AHCI drive controller mode.  While that may limit the maximum throughput you can experience, Samsung is now offering much more SSD capacity.

Just announced are their new 2TB 850 Pro and 850 EVO SSDs in standard 2.5” format and SATA 3.0 interface.  For those using computers with just one drive, this offers twice the previous capacity of (relatively) fast consumer storage, perhaps lending some additional useful life to your present system.  Looking ahead, Samsung intends to follow with an m.2 form factor which promises significantly higher performance.

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