High Capacity Storage

Technology keeps marching on, even in mundane segments of the arena.  For example, hard drives—difficult to get excited about hard drives, except that data has to be stored somewhere and as image files get bigger and bigger they take up more physical space.  Fast solid state drives might seem like the answer, but price and capacity still stand in the way. 

The latest round of HDD improvements include sealed helium environments, capacity leaps to 10TB, and caching innovations that in some cases boost sustained transfer rates to nearly 250MB/s!  Who needs 10TB?  Maybe not right now, but it’s easy to remember when a 1TB drive seemed monstrous even though it filled up faster than ever imagined.  Faster data rates?  Welcome anytime.

These are cutting edge devices and choosing among them can be tricky.  This article compares three of the leading contenders.  I’ve used all three brands over the years and have developed a particular affinity for HGST drives.  At present, the HGST Ultrastar He10 in SATA interface is in very high demand and not as price-competitive because of it, but that might say something right there.  And in terms of cost, remember that the valid comparison is $0.00-per-GB. 

If you need more storage space, it’s available.

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