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SD Card Speed Leap

For a long time the read/write transfer rates for SD memory cards has lagged behind CF cards.  That has now changed.  SanDisk’s new SDHC/SDXC Extreme Pro card with UHS-II sets a new standard of up to 280MB/s read and 250MB/s … Continue reading

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Small Tools

When the photographic “negative” evolved from a processed piece of film to a digital file (at least metaphorically, if not in the pure technical sense), the requirement for pieces of gear to complete the imaging cycle expanded greatly.  And among … Continue reading

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Data Loss

If you’ve been shooting for any length of time you’ve probably had the extremely unsettling experience of having something go wrong with image files somewhere along the chain.  It can ruin your whole day!  Sometimes you can recover from the … Continue reading

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How Long Will Your Files Last?

One of the continuing concerns for digital photographers is the question of how long digital files will last.  Not just image files of course…anything saved to some sort of memory device in digital form.  Unfortunately, the quick answer is that … Continue reading

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Simple Things

Sometimes it’s not the blockbuster changes but the small stuff that makes the biggest difference for the most users.  Though the vast majority of photographers and people in general aren’t that enamored of the technical minutia that actually makes our … Continue reading

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